About Martha Urquhart

As you will see by my blogs, I embrace life. My life changes in the blink of the eye. So I need to be flexible, adaptable, and open to new adventures at a moment’s notice!

I have worked at many jobs, lived many lives, and established many different careers. To date, I’ve been a: mother, teacher, instructor, facilitator, educator, curriculum developer, workshop organizer, coordinator, secretary, payroll clerk, business owner, waiter, day care provider, student, writer, poet, hotel maid, receptionist, dicta-typist, office clerk, store clerk, explorer, traveler, temp, newspaper reporter, and probably many others that I’ve forgotten about! Through it all, the three roles that I have had the longest, and that have kept my interest have been: being a mother, being an educator, and being a writer.

6 thoughts on “About Martha Urquhart

  1. Hi Martha,

    You sure have been busy this past summer. I enjoyed reading your July to August, 2016 blogs. Why don’t you leave a comment box at the bottom of each blog? I for one would be interested in the comments made and add a comment or two myself.

    I would imagine you are working at Norquest as hard as ever. Enjoy your celebration of the culmination of another annual trip around the sun.


    1. Hi Roger,
      Thank you for reading my blogs! That’s great to hear.
      There is a link for you to comment at the end of each blog. At the end of the blog is a list of tags. Near the end of the list of tags is the word “comments” with the number showing how many comments have already been made. You just click on the word “comments” and the comment box will open up.

    1. Hi Charlotte – I have taken over the business from Brenda. And I’ve get a regular supply of flaxseed from the farmer that served Brenda. Call my business line 1-888-929-7304 (toll free) or local Edmonton #780-439-7304.

  2. Glad you agree, Jack. I saw the connection when I read your paragraph on LinkedIn. It’ll be great to hear your viewpoints in discussions. I’m sure I’ll get a lot from your experience.

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