Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is one of the nine essential skills determined by governments around the world as being critical for workplaces, community life, and personal fulfillment. I know it is an essential aspect of my life. When I was compiling information for a teaching dossier, I tallied up the workshops, conferences, and certificate courses I had taken over the course of one year. The number astonished even me: seven certificate courses, 18 workshops, and four conferences (one in which I made two presentations). All this time, I worked full time.

One of those certificate courses that I completed was my BlendKit: Becoming a Blended Learning Designer Certificate. This involved my completing a number of activities as well as submitting a portfolio for review. The blogs I wrote as a requirement of this course can be found at:


I have now completed my Master’s in Learning and Technology through Royal Roads University. As a requirement of one course, wrote a few blogs reflecting on my learning centred around research. You can access these blogs at:

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