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Week 5 discusses what will go down in history as the most barbaric, brutal, devastating, inhuman, immoral, malevolent, iniquitous, malignant, dishonourable*, degenerate, atrocious, abhorrent (I looked up synonyms for “evil”) time in Canada’s history. *Not only were the actions dishonourable towards Indigenous cultures, but also towards the British empire, Canadian government, Roman Catholic Church, Church […]

It’s interesting how the first Europeans had no problem with recognizing and honouring the Indigenous ceremonies, laws, and practices. What happened to that friendship and respect? How did it turn from one of acceptance of each other’s cultures to what it became? The British Crown in its Royal Proclamation of 1763 clearly, and legally, laid […]

If you don’t understand about treaties, you’re not alone. Those that signed them on behalf of the British Crown and the Canadian government didn’t understand what the treaties truly represented either. The Mi’kmaq have the right word to describe treaties – Angugamwe’i – which means “adding to our relations.” For the Mi’kmaq, signing a treaty […]

It’s surprising to think that globalization is not a new concept at all. It began in the 1500’s when Europe decided to exert its political control over foreign land that had the ability to provide wealth. This action, that of dominating foreign land for one’s own purposes, is colonization, and it didn’t begin here in […]

I have recently joined a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offered by the University of Alberta through Coursera to become better informed about the Canadian Indigenous histories and the issues resulting from the colonization practices. Since the course only has 12 lessons, it cannot cover all aspects of Indigenous history and the effects of colonization. […]