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October 5, 2011 I joined a free webinar for small business owners today, called “Sources of finance for business growth.” The webinar promised to cover topics such as business partners, government grants, business loans, and angel investors. I was especially looking forward to finding out about government grants and loans. It was a short webinar, […]

September 28, 2011 I think the role of telemarketers in today’s world is not to relieve us of our money. I think their role is to test our patience and other virtues, such as kindness and compassion. Let’s be fair, most telemarketers are just trying to make money to support their families. They certainly aren’t […]

September 24, 2011 I was interviewed again about the chapter I wrote for the e-book, Lessons Learned From the Recession. Being interviewed is quite an exciting event. I’m not even a little bit famous, so the novelty of being interviewed has not worn off. Each time it happens, my self-esteem rises some more. And, more […]

September 3, 2011 Today I worked my first St. Albert Farmer’s Market. I love the atmosphere of the farmer’s markets, and I was happy to be a productive part of it. My three teens integrated themselves into the scene as well. They were able to deal with most of the customers’ questions and needs. My […]

August 31, 2011 I feel like I am getting a handle on things. I have my calendars almost all set up. That helps me feel like I’m on top of everything. When I don’t have my calendars set up, then I feel like I’m running behind all the time. It’s amazing how those calendars seem […]

August 29, 2011 The voices have started. They started a couple of weeks ago. As today approached, they became louder and louder. Clamouring in my head. Telling me everything I did not want to hear: “You aren’t going to make it.” “What are you doing?” “Don’t you realize what you are doing?” “How can you […]

August 1, 2011 Back in February, 2011, I was asked to participate in the Business Leaders Book Club. My first task was to write a chapter for the first book in the series: Lessons Learned From the Recession. Out of all the contributions, the editors, Dr. Richard Norris and Mark Stephens, chose 60 to compile […]

July 20, 2011 Today’s blog is the result of inspiration that I received while reading a book. I came across a paragraph that summed up my beliefs quite nicely: “A partnership, friendship, intimate relationship, or marriage that succeeds or fails, a book that gets written or remains a jumble of notes in a drawer, the […]