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My life changes in the blink of the eye. So I need to be flexible, adaptable, and open to new adventures at a moment's notice! Throughout all of my hardships, I'm always blessed with what I need, which usually includes angels that walk the earth wearing jeans & t-shirts. I invite you to browse my blogs to follow along as I navigate the twists and turns of life as a human on this earth.

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Three and a half months left. Even though I’m down to the last quarter of my epic year, I’m still making changes to my list. For example, one of my goals is to hike the Great Trail (aka Trans Canada Trail) in Alberta. I recently listed the trails that form part of the Great Trail […]

My epic journey started while I was on a cruise with my mum and siblings. I had time to make a list of the different activities I wanted to accomplish. At first, the ideas were quick to come to mind, but as I got over 40 activities, I had to stretch to keep the list […]

I’m completing the last year of my sixth decade. Since I’ll be reaching the age of 60 this year, I wanted to do something unique, spectacular, and epic. What I came up with was so outrageous I had to test it out to see if I had the remote chance of completing it. Now that […]

The last module in Indigenous Canada is about Indigenous art, in all its forms. Using creative expression, Indigenous artists are challenging our understanding of both their traditional and contemporary ways of being. For example, The 1491s is a group dedicated to using comedy and satire to illustrate the misrepresentations of Indigenous peoples throughout history. Links […]

Understanding the myriad of ways that people form themselves into communities requires that we understand differences between people. Without this understanding, overgeneralizing results. For any group of people that doesn’t belong to our own culture, family, group, nation, etc., this overgeneralizing often turns into negative stereotyping.¬†An example of this is clearly seen when we examine […]

It’s interesting that cultural groups that immigrated to Canada and moved to urban areas weren’t expected to give up their cultural traditions as they carved out a place in their new lives. When we consider groups such as the Ukrainians and the Hutterites, we clearly see how, with the encouragement and acceptance of the Canadian […]

This week’s lesson was on the role of Indigenous women within their own communities, the Indigenous concept of gender, and the different gender roles. The lesson also differentiated between gender and sex, providing a very clear and understandable explanation. It raises the question: Why is there such confusion around gender and sex? Perhaps this confusion […]

In an article written by Mohtar and Lawford (2016), they explain how a systems-thinking based approach is necessary to address the complexity and interconnectedness involved in addressing the growing global concern around water, energy, and food (WEF) resource security. It’s interesting how closely the systems-thinking based approach aligns with the Indigenous world views and their […]

The way the Nehiyawak (aka Cree) granted authority to certain individuals resonates with me. It’s a system that makes sense and is simple: If an individual shows skill in specific activities (ie: hunting), they are given the authority to lead and direct tasks. What a great way to honour someone’s natural talents and experience. Unfortunately, […]

How well did Indigenous peoples adapt to the changing realities around them? Surprisingly well. This was definitely new knowledge for me, in direct opposition to the current image of homelessness, alcoholism, prostitution, and drug use that is prevalent in the media. The module on residential schools represents the coffin of colonization. This module about resource […]