Wouldn’t I look great in this?

July 26, 2011

I finally found a pair of black leggings that would look great under my “harem” pants.  I called one pair of my pants my “harem” pants. They are the pants that balloon out from the waist to the ankles. Belly dancers wear these under a layer of skirts when they perform their dances. I purchased these harem pants in Haifa, Israel, when my oldest son and I were there on pilgrimage in 2010.

I was so excited when I found those pants. They were a beautiful silk fabric. And cost only about $10 in Canadian money. I was ecstatic! I couldn’t buy the silk material in Canada for that price, and here I was, purchasing a whole pair of pants. The salesclerk explained that the silk pants were cheap in Haifa because of the heat. The cotton pants were the expensive ones. Everyone wanted cotton material because the silk would be too hot for the weather. What a switch from what I see in stores in Canada.

So even though I didn’t know where I would wear my harem pants, I purchased them anyways. Then I had to take on the task of finding something to wear over them or under them. The silk was very light and I could see right through them. I knew I would not be comfortable wearing them just as they were. They are meant to be worn under layers of skirts. I knew I wouldn’t do that so, instead, I looked for a very long shirt to cover the upper part of the pants.

Back in Canada, I did find a few shirts that might work. I purchased a couple from a local department store. I didn’t really like the colour, and I didn’t really like the style, but I figured they were better than nothing. However, once I got these shirts home, and tried them on with my harem pants, I wasn’t happy with the look. My harem pants continued to hang in my closet, never having the joy of being worn.

Now, here I was, a year later, browsing through a store, when what do I see? A perfect pair of tight leggings that would look so good under my harem pants. I reached out and picked up the hanger. Bringing it up in the air, at arm’s length, I turned to find my daughter in the store. I was just about to shout out to her: “Hey, Sharla, I found the perfect pair of leggings to go with my…” when I remembered. I no longer have those harem pants. Another victim of the wildfire that burned down my house. I quietly put those leggings back on the rack.

I never did wear those harem pants. They hung in my closet, waiting for the perfect match so I could wear them. Whenever I did consider putting them on, I discarded the idea as quickly as I had composed it. It just didn’t feel right to wear those pants to whatever activity I was planning to attend.

These harem pants weren’t the only type of clothing I have purchased while on holidays only to never wear once I got back home. Over the years and the vacation trips, I have accumulated a few items that looked so beautiful in the store. However, once I get my purchases home, the reality of wearing something so unique becomes too daring for me to try.

Maybe I thought I would wear them, if only they were in my closet. Maybe I secretly wished I could wear something out of the ordinary. If those harem pants had lasted through the wildfire, I’m sure I, or one of my children, would have worn them as part of a Hallowe’en costume eventually. Often, that is what these unique and interesting purchases I make on trips end up being: just something to wear as part of a costume.

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