Staving off temptation

August 10, 2011

Today was the official first day of my detox. I meant to start yesterday, but gave into temptation. I received a dark chocolate bar in the mail, a present from a long distance friend. The idea of having that dark chocolate sit for two weeks, waiting for me to eat it, was too much. I decided to enjoy it right away. I consoled myself that at least it was dark chocolate. Not just any chocolate!

Now it is gone. There are no other tempting tidbits lying around the house for me to nibble on. It was a good day to start a cleansing detox. And I have made it through the day fairly well.

I had an appointment in the afternoon so was out driving around. I was craving something sweet. I decided that I could have a juice from one of the juicing restaurants. I knew I could drink that. I would simply have to ask that they don’t add the yogurt or soy. And not to add the booster since I don’t know what exactly is in those. But as I was driving back home, I decided I could just as easily make myself a smoothie. I had enough fruit at home. And I had juice that I can drink, juice that is not made from concentrate.  So I was able to fend off the temptation of buying something. I made it back home without breaking my commitment to this cleanse. And, without spending extra money on conveniences!

When I got home, I decided against the smoothie. I had already eaten enough fruit in the morning. So I opted for rice cakes instead. I really wanted something sweet so I was going to have honey with my rice cakes. Fortunately, I consulted my cleansing book and realized that honey is on the “no-no” list. Instead, I used Agave Nectar to sweeten the rice cakes. They were delicious! And they helped to calm down my sweet tooth for another day.

Now I am drinking my herbal tea and feeling well. I do not feel like I have eaten very little. My stomach is not growling at me. And I have no cravings.

I look back at my notes from the first time I did this cleanse, back in June, 2011. I also passed that day without hunger pains. But my notes do remind me that I need to purchase a few items to ensure that I continue feeling good during this cleanse. I need to have a protein source for my smoothies. The recipes in my cleansing book call for coconut milk or almond milk. I do not like coconut milk and my daughter, who is doing this cleanse with me, is allergic to almond milk. So that eliminates those two options. I am allowed flaxseed so that will be my protein source for my smoothies.

Protein is necessary for many reasons. The reason why I am so concerned about it is because it helps to keep me feeling full longer. If I don’t have a protein source with my meal, I get hungry quicker than if I do. And during a detox, it is important to keep that full feeling lasting as long as possible.

By providing my body with the nutrients it needs, I won’t have too many cravings. If I cut down on the cravings, I’ll have more success with sticking to the cleanse. Temptations are very hard for me to avoid. I need to harm myself with whatever I can in order to reduce the cravings. If I have no reason to eat something, I can usually talk myself out of wanting it, providing my stomach feels full. If I’m hungry, I tend to give into my cravings much easier.

Another trick I use is to drink water when I feel like eating something. Once I drink a glass of water, I usually find that my desire to eat diminishes. If I’m truly hungry, my body will let me know. But often, I just want something to go into my mouth, and my body is satisfied with delicious water.

The third trick I have is to keep myself busy. If I’m busy working, cleaning the house, or otherwise occupied, I don’t think about eating so much. Many times, I will actually forget that lunch has come and gone. This can backfire if I have to go out in the late afternoon and I realize that I haven’t eaten lunch! So I do have to watch myself on those days when I have commitments that take me out of the house. That way, I refrain from being tempted while I’m out, and I am able to keep my money in my own pocket, not someone else’s.

Tomorrow is the second day of my cleanse. I’m looking forward to learning more tricks to help me complete this cleanse successfully.

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