Has the search ended?

October 1, 2011

I woke up in the middle of the night last night, in horror at the realization that the tent I need for the farmer’s market might not fit into the car. I had picked up a new car from Enterprise Rentals. The last one was too small in the driver’s area. I felt cramped getting in and out of the car. So, I requested a new car. This time, I got a Chevy Impala.

This car had plenty of space for all the passengers. I would have no problems taking a trip with all of my four children. The steering wheel was at a perfect height for me. I could fix the seat exactly to where I needed it to be: not to close to the steering wheel yet close enough for my short legs to reach the pedals.

I had already taken the car out on a road trip and I was impressed by how well it cruised down the highway. The gas mileage was good, especially considering it was a V-6. The pick up was excellent. I had no trouble when I pulled out to pass. I was beginning to think I had finally found a car to compete with my Ford Fusion.

Then I woke in the middle of the night with the realization that, because the back seats did not fold down, I might not be able to fit in my tent. I need a tent for the farmer’s markets. I am outside all day and I need protection from the weather, whether warm and sunny or cold and rainy. I knew the tent would not fit in the trunk unless the seats could fold down. I had forgotten about the tent when I had picked up the car. I had known that the seats did not fold down, and I was irritated by that; however, I was willing to give the car a chance. Now I knew why I needed the seats to fold down.

There was nothing to do but go back to sleep, knowing that I might have to take two trips to get all the supplies to the market.

As it turned out, the tent fit, not in the trunk, but in the back seat, from door to door. The Chevy Impala is large enough to fit the length of the tent along the back floor. I was impressed. The trunk was large enough to fit the table, my chairs, and my products. Only one large bucket of supplies had to go into the back seat, along with the tent on the floor. This car was definitely large enough for what I needed a car to be.

I have checked the Internet, and I can get an Impala that has fold-down back seats. The model that I am renting does not have that feature, but the other two models could come with that option. I found a car that could rival my Ford Fusion.

The next step was to investigate prices. It appears that Chevy Impalas are slightly less than Ford Fusions. Perhaps the gas mileage is better in a Ford Fusion to justify the higher cost. Perhaps adding the option of the fold-out back seats in the Impala would push the price higher. More research is needed.

I have almost two more months before the insurance coverage will be reaching its limits on the rental. In that time, I plan to ensure I know which vehicle I want to purchase next. Out of the five vehicles I have rented over the past six weeks, this Chevy Impala is the only one that has been put on the list of “possibilities.” I do want to rent a Ford Fusion to remind myself of why I liked mine so much. Then I will be able to compare the two choices.

Perhaps I’ll even try one more type of vehicle before the limit is reached. And then again, maybe not. I do rather enjoy driving this Impala.

See my blogs titled, “Not worth the worry,” and “Test driving the options” for my reviews of the other four rentals.  For details about the accident that resulted in my having to drive rentals, see my blog titled, “Third time not so lucky.”

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