A Quiet Genocide

This year marks the 9th anniversary that 7 leaders of the Baha’i Faith have been imprisoned by the Iranian government for one reason only.

Not because these 7 leaders are trying to overthrow the government (Baha’is are forbidden by our religious texts to do this). Not because these 7 leaders did anything illegal (Baha’is are instructed to obey the laws of the land in which they live). Not because these 7 leaders belong to a secret club that includes only certain people (most Baha’i activities are open to anyone from any culture, any tribe, any religion, any….).

For one reason only: they are Baha’is. They believe in equality of all people, regardless of gender, abilities, race, religion, tribe, culture, colour, etc. They believe in the right to an education. They believe in the right to choose your religion. They believe in peace, unity, justice for all. The Iranian government believes Baha’is are a threat to the country and so these 7 leaders have been imprisoned for the past nine years.

Imagine the sadness of not being able to attend the funeral of your close friend, someone you have known all your life. Now imagine the heartbreak of not being able to attend the funeral of your spouse, someone so close to your soul that you are virtually one person. Imagine not being able to attend birthdays, graduations, weddings, or any other moments in life that you cherish simply because you are with your loved ones. All because you belong to a specific religion. No other reason.

And the persecution continues with other members of the Baha’i Faith being harassed, arrested, having their property stolen or destroyed, being forbidden to work (most have to start their own businesses, which are often shut down or shunned), being forbidden to attend post-secondary (even children in elementary get harassed by teachers and school administrators), the list goes on.

There is documented proof of the government’s order to decimate the Baha’i community. The arrests, imprisonments, harassments are not isolated events. They are systematic actions taken with the full support of the Iranian government.

It’s time that this genocide was stopped. For more information, check out this website created by concerned individuals who are not Baha’is themselves but who recognize the appalling reality of the situation of the Iranian Baha’is: http://aquietgenocide.com/. 

Please share this information as widely as you can. And join the campaign to #ReleaseBahai7.


I will be posting information about the imprisoned Baha’is over the next nine days so follow me to receive updates.


  1. You are doing a great job with this web site and am always interested in reading your blogs. Your grandmother, Martha Kjorlien (Humbke) and her two sisters (Erna and Elsie) would be very proud of her. All three of them were educators like you and taught in one room school houses in Alberta.

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