Welcome to my Teaching Dossier

Martha Urquhart

Master’s of Arts – Learning and Technology

Bachelor’s of Education – Linguistics

Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education

I believe that my role is to prepare my students for life-long learning by helping them to become self-directed learners. My approach will allow students to continue learning long after they have left my classroom. I believe in building on strengths rather than dwelling on gaps. By emphasizing the knowledge and skills that my students already have, I provide a safe environment for the students to develop new skills while maintaining their dignity and confidence.

I attended the MALAT program at the Royal Roads University (Victoria, B.C.), earning my Master’s degree in 2018. My Master’s program built upon the work I had been doing in online teaching, helping me to apply theory to the practice of utilizing digital technology into my students’ learning. Between my B.Ed (University of Victoria, B.C.) and my Master’s, I had completed numerous certificate programs and workshops, as well as attending national and international conferences to enhance my teaching practice.

Planning and developing require many resources and skills, using a variety of technology effectively is but one. Collaborating with colleagues, critical thinking, and researching efficiently are just as important as the technology I use. The process of creating and designing a lesson, module, curriculum, program, or website allows me to experiment and play. As a risk-taker, I’m often willing to pilot a new curriculum, module, or program.

I am committed to helping others move forward on their path – whether that be colleagues or students. I have mentored practicum students in the TEAL and TESL programs, presented at conferences and college events, coached and trained colleagues on Moodle, and trained other ESL instructors in northern Alberta communities. I am also a dedicated advocate, taking the lead to educate myself about the inequality experienced by many, information I eagerly share with as many as I can.

The values I bring to my teaching are the same values I use in my personal life: life-long learning, self-directed learner, experimental, explorative, and eager to take on new challenges. I often think about Robert Frost’s poem: The Road Not Taken when I’m exploring a geographical area, whether it be a trail, city, neighbourhood, back road, or highway. I bring my experiences into my teaching, often sharing with my students the places I’ve visited, the activities I’ve participated in, and the projects I’ve undertaken.

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