Feasting on freshness

August 15, 2011

Sixth day of my cleanse has gone well. As a matter of fact, all the days have gone well. With the exception of what was supposed to be the first day when I received a delicious treat in the mail. Giving in to that small temptation and postponing my cleanse for one day was a good decision. I have not had cravings nor have I felt that I was depriving myself of anything. Each day passes with little thought given to food or hunger.

The only time I consider food and the tasks surrounding the eating of food is at lunch-time. That is when I have my meal. Because the cleanse requires that I choose specific food, I consider carefully what I want to eat. Today, my daughter (who is doing the cleanse with me) and I went to a delicious salad restaurant. All they serve at this restaurant are salad and soup. It is easy to eat there during the cleanse because we can choose exactly what goes into the salad.

First, we each pick a protein. The choices are steak, tofu, salmon, and chicken. Beef and soy are out while on this cleanse, so that left salmon and chicken. Today they were out of the salmon. So, chicken it had to be. This was the first time I had the chicken, which I was quite surprised to find was delicious! Very tender and moist.

Next, we pick our greens. I went for my standby, spinach. I think spinach salad is one of the most delicious salads that is ever made. Spinach has such a refreshing flavour. It tantalizes my taste buds and makes my mouth happy. Just writing about it starts the saliva flowing.

Third, we choose the salad dressing. My daughter researched the ingredients in our favourite salad dressing. We could have it as all the ingredients were acceptable in this cleanse. Curried avocado. Delicious. Even the name of it tickles my tongue.

Last, we choose our toppings. I went for cucumbers, chickpeas, mushrooms, and almonds. My daughter likes fruit in her salad so she had blueberries, with three other toppings. Our salads were divine. We were both quite satisfied when we finished. There was no need to think of something for dessert or worry about snacking later on in the day.

It amazes me how when I choose fresh, whole ingredients for a meal, the meal is more filling. And tastes so much better. I tend to eat more on an average day than I do when I am completing the cleanse. The biggest difference is the fact that while on the cleanse, I’m more selective about what I eat. I choose whole, fresh foods. Normally, I grab whatever there happens to be available. Processed food, instant food, fast food, food quick to cook and eat. Interestingly enough, when I’m eating that type of food, I need more of it to keep my body feeling satisfied.

While on the cleanse, not only do I cut down the number of meals I eat, but I also cut down on the amount I eat in that one meal. I would have imagined that, if I had only one meal to eat, I would eat more than normal. But that isn’t the case. I actually eat less during that one and only meal than I would normally during a meal that is one of three in the day.

We did have some cashews for a snack in the evening. But I had missed the evening smoothie. Not likely a good thing. I just wasn’t hungry. By the time I was hungry, having a handful or two of cashews was enough to satisfy my body.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day. I’m attending a barbeque with a professional organization that I belong to. I doubt if there will be any food that I can have while on this cleanse. Will I be able to say “no” to the food that will be there? Will I be able to resist? I’m almost tempted to cancel because I don’t want to face the temptations. But can I hide away from the world while I do a cleanse? Why not if it is only for a few weeks each year? But why should I have to? Why do I want to eat that type of food anyway? Especially when I have eaten such delicious food that is so much more filling.

Tomorrow will be the test. Do I have what it takes to pass it?

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