Laying the foundation

August 23, 2011

Today I decided to take matters into my own hands. I still hadn’t heard from the insurance as to the appraised damage on my car. And, although I had purchased the basic necessities, I did not have my laptop. I was behind on my blogs, I was behind on my emails, and I was behind on the work I had planned to do.

This vacation was not going to be a “true” vacation. It was to be a “visiting” vacation. And in between the visits, I planned to do some work. I had to work on the content list for my insurance claim due to the wildfire. I had to research house plans. And I had planned to work on the curriculum I was developing.

All this changed with the accident. I was forced into “vacation mode,” with no real plans. Yesterday I had spent most of the day visiting with friends and family. Now it was time to move on. I was getting antsy.

I was also worried about the two laptops I had in my trunk. I did not feel that they were safe. I knew the towing compound would be locked up, but I also knew that it could be broken into easily. And anybody could take a crowbar to a trunk to force it open. My car had out of province license plates on it. It wouldn’t take much to figure out that there might be stuff worth taking in the trunk. The last thing I needed was a third insurance claim: this time for theft.

The first step I took was informing my insurance adjustor that I was going to get my stuff out of my car. I planned to take pictures to prove the existing damage if necessary. A quick visit to the towing compound put my fears to rest. I was able to get into the trunk easily and clean out my car. Everything was dry and safe. The towing company had taken good care of my belongings.

The next step I took was to visit a chiropractor. Dr. John Tancock, of the Tancock Chiropractic Clinic in Victoria, completed a very thorough examination of my two teens and myself. He gave each of us a spinal adjustment. He also explained how we were to continue taking care of our necks while we healed. I was impressed. It was well worth the cost of the treatment. It is unfortunate that the standard medical field does not recognize the value of chiropractic care in prevention. This cost was entirely my responsibility and the government medical insurance did not cover it.

The third step I took was to ensure that my insurance adjustor knew I was on vacation. This island trip was only a “side trip.” It was not the total sum of my vacation. The main aspect of my vacation was visiting my parents, who both lived on the mainland. Due to the accident, my visits with them were going to be shortened.

I also ensured that my insurance adjustor knew I needed my vehicle for work purposes. I did have insurance to cover my using my vehicle for work. And I would need a rental car even when I returned back home.

All of these details were important. And they all had to be recorded and shared with my insurance adjustor. I couldn’t take the attitude to forget it all and carry on with my vacation. That might result in coming back at me, and not in my favour. My insurance adjustor had to know that my vacation was disrupted and my plans changed because of the accident. He had to know what my needs were right now, and what they would be when I returned home.

Another very important step I took was to visit the police detachment and pick up a copy of the police report. This allowed me the opportunity to read what the police had recorded about the accident.

These beginning steps were critical to laying the foundation for the claim itself. By taking these actions, I was helping myself in establishing a claim that would have evidence to back it up. I also was providing information to my insurance that they required to make progress with my claim. Since I was willing to pick up the police report, my insurance adjustor didn’t have to wait for the usual processing time of two to three weeks.

It is after all, my claim. So what I do now will only help me in the long term.

For information about the Tancock Chiropractor Clinic, follow this link:

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