Scattering stuff as I go

August 22, 2011

I managed to stick to my cleanse right up until the accident (see my blog titled “Third time not so lucky” for details). So my daughter and I were able to complete 11 days of cleansing. We were even able to stay committed while traveling!

The cleanse was quite easy. Although I was getting hungrier towards the final days of the cleanse. I found that I needed to snack more. So I made sure that I had appropriate snacks available: sacha inchi seeds, cashews, rice cakes with agave syrup (a substitute for jam), rice crackers, sunflower seeds. These food items did not have added ingredients that would compromise my cleanse.

I was disappointed that I had to stop my cleanse. I had planned to continue it right through my vacation. After all, it was quite easy to stay committed to it. However, since the accident disrupted my plans, I decided to end the cleanse. I needed my energy to focus on the variety of duties that resulted from the accident: insurance claim issues, rental cars, medical appointments, and shopping.

All of our stuff was in the trunk. Since we had been rear-ended, the trunk was out of order. We could not open it. I did not want to force it open and do more damage to the trunk. At least, not until the insurance could appraise the damage. This meant that we were on day two of our vacation, without any necessities: toiletries, change of clothes, not even a comb for my hair!

A shopping trip was desperately needed. We did not need another package of underwear and socks. But with all our stuff locked away, we had no choice. Two days worth of clothes and basic toiletries for three people added up quickly. The total bill came to almost $250. And, when I returned to my sister’s place, I realized that I had forgotten a comb and facial products. So it was back to the department store.

This day reminded me again of George Carlin’s comedy act on YouTube. In this YouTube, George talks about the amount of stuff we bring when we go on vacation. Then he talks about the lesser amount of stuff we bring when we take a side trip while on vacation. The island was our side trip. We had stopped at my mother’s on the mainland prior to coming to the island. We were planning on returning to her place after visiting everyone on the island. The accident forced us to take a “weekend trip” while on our scheduled “side trip.” After the shopping trip, we had enough basic necessities to get us through until we could be reunited with our stuff.

I now had my stuff scattered all over. I had stuff in my house. I had left stuff back at my mother’s place. I had stuff in my car, which was at the towing compound. And I had a very small bag of stuff at my sister’s place. I was looking forward to the day when I could gather all of my stuff together in one place.

If you want to view George Carlin’s comedy act, go to the following link:

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