Experimenting with chocolate

September 23, 2011

I spent the evening with a friend, Victoria Laine, experimenting with different combinations of flaxseed, nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate. Victoria is a nutritionist and was willing to help me discover more ways to integrate flaxseed into the daily diet. I was also entertained by Victoria’s stories of her recipe creation days. I truly wish I had been able to test some of those recipes that she was piloting for her cookbook, Health by Chocolate. I certainly got something even better: instructions on how to revise some of the recipes to include flaxseed.

Almost any of the recipes that call for seeds can be revised to include flaxseeds. One recipe specifically calls for flaxseeds: “Triple Omega Energy Balls.” It contains flaxseeds, hemp seeds, and walnuts, three of the highest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Interestingly, the mixture does not have to be rolled into balls. It can be shaped into any type of a shape you would like. And coating the energy balls with melted chocolate is optional. Even without the chocolate, the energy balls were delicious.

I also learned that flaxseed makes a great substitute for eggs in any recipe. Simply grind three tablespoons of whole flaxseeds, then add half a cup of water. Whip the mixture together until an egg white consistency is achieved. If you are starting with ground flaxseed, simply use three parts water to one part flaxseed.

It is beneficial to everyone when individuals partner together to create. Not only can I pass along more suggestions to the people who purchase my Canadian golden flaxseed, but I can also introduce them to Victoria’s cookbook.

Health by Chocolate is filled to overflowing with nutritional information and recipes that promote healthy eating. All the recipes are egg and dairy free due to high possibilities of allergies with these foods. Every recipe is labeled, identifying if it is gluten free (GF), wheat free (WF), nut free (NF), soy free (SF), or if it uses only raw food ingredients (RW). If the recipe has a variation that allows the recipe to be labeled by one of these categories, it is identified with a “V” at the end of the symbol.

Because of these symbols, it is easy to flip through the cookbook to find a recipe that will work for your family’s dietary needs. All the recipes include dark chocolate in some variation: cocoa powder, chocolate chips, melted chocolate, cocoa nibs, or shaved chocolate. Carob powder or carob nibs can be substituted for the chocolate in many of the recipes.

Now, when I am at the Farmer’s Markets and someone asks me how to use the flaxseed, I simply show them Health by Chocolate.  I plan to use a variation of the “Triple Omega Energy Balls” to serve as samples. Currently, I offer samples of the actual whole flaxseed to taste. I’m sure the energy balls will be more enticing!

For information on how to obtain a copy of Health by Chocolate, email info@canadiangoldenflaxseed.com.

For more information on how to integrate flaxseed into your daily diet, see my blog titled, “Flaxing the day away.”

For more information on the benefits of flaxseed, see my blog titled “The wonder of flax.” At the end of the blog, I have included links to various websites, such as the Flax Council of Canada and the American Institute for Cancer Research.

See also my website, www.canadiangoldenflaxseed.com

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