The rhythm of the seasons

October 8, 2011

Today was the last day for this year’s St. Albert Farmer’s Market. The market took on an almost festive feeling. The vendors started the day with a hot breakfast, provided by the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce to show appreciation. And the weather was cooperating.

Vendors are allowed to purchase each other’s products prior to the start of the market. I was scurrying from one booth to the next to sample all the goodies I could in the small amount of time I had. I picked up my supply of olives and feta cheese. Surprisingly, the vegetables are still available due to the beautiful fall weather we have been having and I was able to stock up on fresh produce for the coming week.

I saw the usual marketers wandering around. And, many new faces to take advantage of the last chance for farm fresh products. There was an excited buzz in the air as the crowd gathered all the fresh supplies they could before the market closed. One individual had already taken a full bag to her car, and was close to having her second bag filled to overflowing.

My customers were coming by my booth to pick up their supply for the winter. Most of the discussions I had today revolved around estimating how much would be needed to last until spring. I kept reassuring my customers that I can be reached by phone or website throughout the winter. I am even attending a few winter markets. Even with modern technology removing the need, people were still maintaining the habit of “stocking up” for winter.

The Chamber of Commerce representatives came around and gathered up the booth numbers and buttons that were given to vendors at the start of the season. I knew the end was near. Vendors were excited to being able to shut down. Many of them had been going to various markets seven days a week since June. A few were selling out early, and spent the afternoon visiting the other booths. They were tired and ready for the much-needed winter break.

The Farmer’s Market often has live entertainment. And for the last day we were treated to the incredible talent of Martin Kerr, a singer guitarist. Most of the time, I can’t hear the music due to the bustle of the crowds and the tasks of being a vendor. In the afternoon, Martin moved close to my booth and I was able to enjoy his music as the market wound down for the year. When the horn sounded, ending the market, Martin continued to play. I packed up my booth to the beautiful sounds of his voice and guitar. I found myself singing along as I put my product away. It was a great way to end the year.

For information about the St. Albert Farmer’s Market, and their Christmas market starting in November, click on the link:

They even have a Facebook page at:

For information about Martin Kerr’s music, visit his website at:

For information about my product, go to my website at:






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